Project SpEAk 

Communicate Impact

Ideas live in minds, but are communicated through written language, spoken word or brilliant illustrations. All of these forms of communication are flawed, and research has shown that between 10% and 50% of all information gets lost in communication each time information is transmitted. About 17% of time, or about a day in a workweek is wasted due to miscommunication at work. This information loss is especially big when you are communicating new and complex ideas, as EA organizations and communities often are.

This is why we started PROJECT SPEAK to help people like you explain their ideas more clearly, reaching a wider audience, or engaging them more deeply, without stage fright or loss of confidence. We can help you and your organization learn how to give presentations small or large, how to enable a culture of giving and receiving feedback, or how to pitch well to potential funders. Being EAs ourselves, we know that EA ideas are especially hard, diverse and complex to explain, so extraordinary training is required to explain them. That is what we provide!

If this idea is something you would like to explore, book an initial meeting with our main trainer at his Calendly link