Everyone has different needs, so we customize

We can create workshops tailored to your organization, you can set the topics, cohort sizes and desired outcomes and leave the rest to us!

We can hold 1-on-1 training for the senior management or sales people, bringing them to top form for upcoming speeches or pitches.

We do however have some frequently requested features, so take a look at our standardized offer:

Communication Workshops

We offer standardized workshops on the most commonly requested topics.
These include:

Presentation Skills

Series of three workshops: How to prepare presentations, How to deliver presentations, and How to improvise presentations and do Q&A

Feedback receiving and giving

A single 2 or 4-hour workshop focused on improving your personal ability to give and receive feedback, as well as your institutional feedback practices. Learn how to respond to feedback and how to give it constructively, and how to make your place of work a place where feedback flows freely

Communications and Confidence 101

Series of three workshops: The three pillars of confidence, Removing barriers to communications, and Asking the right questions

Complex Ideas, Simplified

How to explain complexity and know you are heard no matter how complex your subject is

1-on-1 Confidence Training 

Developed over the last ten years by Dušan himself, this workshop is aimed at helping introverts with important ideas find their communication method and clearly communicate with others.

Tailored Workshops

On request, we create workshops tailored to the needs of your organization. Examples are:

Fundraising Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

How to pitch, in a fundraising context, mixing sales with fundraising

Communication and Account Management

How to keep leads warm, and donors warmer, upselling your donations

or others on request, based on your needs.

Weekend or Week-long Retreats

1-on-1 Pitch Consulting

Built on Dusan’s extensive experience, work through your pitch decks, whether they are for clients, donors, or the broader public. Practice your TED talk, elevator pitch or just your general introductions

Turn our workshops into team-buildings with extensive in-person workshops. Whether weekend or week-long, on all the topics mentioned above, full of physical and mental activities, these workshops are made to leave your team smarter, united, and with clear results.

Interested? Book an initial meeting with our main trainer at his Calendly Link or if you are shy, send him an email at dusan@dnesic.com  

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